Fees on Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts with financial planners and advisors have fees. Employment plans, 401k and IRAs all have fees. What do you get for those fees? You pay whether you gain or lose.

  • Are you getting what you are paying to receive?
  • Why are you paying someone to lose your money?

Most people have lost money in their account OR the growth on it is quite low. What if I told you that you can pay much smaller fees (if any) for your account but they guarantee no losses and maybe add bonuses and extra growth potential?

We have become so accustomed to paying advisors a fee, we do not even questions if we are getting any value for our money.  The worst part is that you are probably paying even more fees than are disclosed.  How much does your account have to grow in order for you to feel the fees are worth it?  How much more money would you have if the fees added value and you have never lost a dime?

It is possible to know exactly what fees you are paying and never worry about running out of money, paying for long term care while enjoying a secure lifestyle.  Senior Path Specialsts (Blumhorst and Associates) knows how to keep fees to a minimum and position your to never experience a loss due to a down turn in the market.

About the Author Susan Blumhorst

Susan Blumhorst is an Insurance Professional with her Masters in Counseling and is the Managing Member of Senior Path Specialists. .. Read More About Susan Here

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