Obamacare and Medicare Scams and Tips to Avoid Them

Sunday's New York Times front page article brings attention to the rising number of complaints of con men and deceptive sales practices related to the Affordable Care Act. These scammers are taking advantage of the rollout of the new health care law to push expensive add-on policies for Medicare or even steal identities.

Keep in mind these common sense tips to avoid being the victim of fraud:

1. Avoid Door to Door Solicitors

Never speak to anyone that comes knocking on your door claiming to be from the government or offering update your Medicare information. No legitimate insurance professional will make a house call that's unsolicited or unexpected.

2. Check Credentials

When in doubt, always ask for a license number and state and NPR number so you can verify their credentials through your state's department of insurance.

3. Medicare Hasn't Changed

NO CHANGES have been made to Medicare that are of any significance. Add-on policies are not required and you do not need a new Medicare card.

4. Never Divulge Personal Information

Never release your Medicare, Social Security, bank account information or other personal data to callers or solicitors claiming to be from Medicare or the government.

For information on the Affordable Care Act or the health insurance exchanges, Healthcare.gov is working intermittently. You can still use the same insurance agent you went to before as long as they include quotes from the Market Place/exchange.

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