What is Retirement and How do we Get There Safely?

We work all our life paying bills and achieving the illusive concept of success in an effort to gain recognition, financial comfort, awards and accomplishments. Accumulation and growth keep us motivated as we build our retirement account and look for ways to grow the money we have worked hard to earn. Risk of loss is a concern, but it often makes sense when we have time to weather the losses and gains over time in order to improve our overall financial life.

Then one day, a shift begins to occur and we start to realize there might be more to life than working and achieving. Many of us start thinking of a magical time called retirement. Retirement means different things to each of us, but one consensus states: Retirement is when you stop working at a job you do not like or enjoy and you are only working for money and you start having fun and relaxation. Working for money can be a part of retirement but only if you love it. Most of the fun relaxing activities also include not worrying about running out of the money you worked so hard to accumulate.

How do you enjoy your lifestyle and relax without worrying about running out of money?

Investment strategies that worked in the growth mode involved a risk that is hard to tolerate when you want to live off your nest egg and are no longer in the earning mode. Social Security is helpful, but it was designed to make up for only forty-percent of our lifestyle income. Retirees' finances have suffered in the past twenty years because the strategy that got them their nest egg caused them huge losses when the market corrected. Too many new retirees are even more confused as to when to quit the job scene and start living the illusive retirement plan before their health starts to limit their life.

The good news is there is a strategy that allows for all your retirement dreams to come true. What if there was a strategy where you can never outlive your money, but continue to enjoy the lifestyle you have earned and be able to leave an inheritance? Even in the growth mode, you can realize healthy gains without risk and know with confidence the best time for you to retire without worry about the market.

The strategy is based on protection as well as growth. Many people cringe with then hear the word annuity, but the annuities of today provide a safe retirement that provides peace of mind knowing you cannot run out of money. Keeping up with inflation is important so healthy gains are crucial but any loss is not just on paper, it is real.. As we age, changing our financial strategy for protecting and growing our money needs to shift. Many stay in the same mode that they've been in since they were thirty years old. The only change is to more conservative investments in the same industry where everything is growing less but is still at risk.

You CAN get to a healthy retirement and safely stay there when Fixed Indexed Annuities (especially the more consumer driven products) are part of your plan. An independent broker can give you options that often include cash bonuses and higher gain options with deferred taxes, no market downside risk and very low disclosed fees. With the right advice, you can retire with confidence and enjoy your lifestyle with peace of mind that you will never run out of money.

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Susan Blumhorst is an Insurance Professional with her Masters in Counseling and is the Managing Member of Senior Path Specialists. .. Read More About Susan Here

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