Senior Path Specialists in San Antonio provides comprehensive retirement strategies to ensure  our clients' lifestyles and financial security. We provide care and direction for all issues related to retirement, care giving and funeral planning. Our consultation services are FREE so there's no risk in learning about your options.


Senior Path Specialists will guide your way to a secure and fulfilling retirement. The path to retirement is much different today as Social Security and pensions become less reliable and personal assets become a necessity. Senior Path Specialists can clarify your choices, relieve your frustration and help you reach your goals.

  • Guaranteed Income and Tax Free Savings

As benefits specialists, we listen to your concerns, evaluate your financial plans and design a strategy to ensure that you never have to worry about running out of money.

As you accumulate a financial portfolio, you want to establish a sound strategy for continuing to grow your assets to help you achieve your long term retirement plans and dreams. Senior Path Specialists can recommend an approach that provides growth that keeps up with inflation, guaranteed income and tax free savings.

Once you've earned it, then you need to protect it. We can suggest ways to protect your principal from market fluctuation to ensure that your savings will last your lifetime and serve your family when you are no longer able.

  • Develop Strategies to Afford Long Term Care

A retirement priority is to receive the best health care as you age. Many want to avoid Medicaid or any kind of dependency on family members. Having financial security will let you make your own choices and afford the best care possible. Today there are many options besides paying a long term care premium. Senior Path Specialists can help you develop a benefits plan to fund your care needs.

  • Understand Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran Benefits

Health insurance options for seniors can be complex and confusing. Choosing the best plan for you can not only effect your financial budget, but can directly influence the quality of your healthcare and lifestyle. Senior Path Specialists can guide you through the basics of Medicare Parts A,B,C and D, Medicaid and veterans benefits.